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Due to some spammers I've trying to mass-remove comments.... and I did. All of them, actually. Though there weren't too many, sorry everyone :(
The site is still fully operational nevertheless, all the articles are in place.

Category: Site updates | Views: 1712 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2014-11-06 | Comments (0)

It's a bit late in telling you this, but according to this one tweet
6 Dec

来年、夢中夢の新作レコーディング開始(予定)です。デモ段階で録音/制作が大変なのが目に見えてますがお楽しみに !

The Recording company of the band is expecting to start recording somewhere about the start of 2014 (which was something I already suspected), so it's kin ... Read more »
Category: Band updates | Views: 41504 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2014-01-11 | Comments (862)

Good day everyone!
After a plenty of tweets unrelated to Mutyumu, I found a single repost from Mutyumu twitter by Hatis-san (dated September 1st):

0から1を生む詩人の段階は終わりに向かい、1をより優れ た1とする職人の段階に入っていきます。 夢中夢の新作デモ曲群は本日自分の制作作業は完成しました。 やがて、これを録音し、MIXし、マスタリングすれば実際にアルバムが生まれます。 まだ先ですが必ず新作は生まれるのでご期待下さい

Recognizing from the text that it's about new Mutyumu recording, I enlisted help of my friend Nao to get a more accurate translation:

"The path upwards for the poet, who gives birth to 1s from 0s, is finally over, and so we enter the craftman's path, who makes this "1" perfect.
We have finished recording our new demo specifically as Mutyumu. Soon, after the recording, mixing and mastering are done, from this idea an album will be born. That being said, it's a bit too early, but please expect the new work to arrive, as they surely will.

Ofcourse, no official statements are yet done, but now there's a solid reason for us to wait for something new from Mutyumu.
Category: Band updates | Views: 2464 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2013-09-29 | Comments (8)

My apologies for being late...
Hatis-san did indeed tell us some big news, the question is whether this is what we were waiting for... Or is it not? That way or another, here are the news:
【ハチスノイト新プロジェクト「Magdala」始動】Newアルバム12.5発売決定!夢中夢『i ly a-イリヤ』から4年。Aureoleの森大地とともに、新ユニットMagdalaを始動します!12月29日ルーテル市ヶ谷教会にてリリパ開催! ... Read more »
Category: Band updates | Views: 3477 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-11-08 | Comments (4)

Hatis-san post in twitter, 31 oct
There is something important she is about to announce, in exactly 5 days... Hoping it's what we all are waiting for )
Category: Band updates | Views: 600 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-10-31 | Comments (0)

Official Hatis-san's tweet from 10th of august!
おわったぁぁ~!ヴォーカルRec全完了!!早くみんなにお聞かせしたいわぁ~(* ´ v `*)告知解禁までしばしお待ち下さいませ…♡明日からは撮影で大阪に帰ります~♪

We've just completely finished recording the vocals!! I want to tell everyone asap ~(* ´ v `*) But please wait a bit longer until the info ban is lifted …♡ Tomorrow the filming goes back to Osaka~♪

Sooo, we can already begin to wait for the group to make an announcement... )
Category: Band updates | Views: 671 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-08-12 | Comments (3)

And the second news of the day are much brighter - Hatis-san confirmed in her messages via twitter that mutyumu is slowly recording the material for their new masterpiece! She can't really tell anything particular or announce this officially since at the moment they are not permitted to, but as soon as the ban is lifted, they will make an announcement.
Let us just cross fingers...
Category: Band updates | Views: 847 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-06-16 | Comments (2)

Hatis-san revealed the "secret" behind the lyrics of "Doxa Incarnate". Sadly, this hardly brings us much closer to actually reading them... More details in the article
Category: Site updates | Views: 767 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-06-16 | Comments (0)

In the meantime, Hatis-san is going on a solo live tour
Category: Band updates | Views: 662 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-06-11 | Comments (0)

Also, finished the translation of Il y a intro, included in the original CD booklet. Read, comment, spread further!
Category: Site updates | Views: 685 | Added by: Ebondreamer | Date: 2012-06-02 | Comments (0)

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