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Doxa Incarnate

Doxa Incarnate – (Latin, approximately  "Lie made flesh”)

Japanese - ドクサの海の悪樓 (dokusa no umi no akurou) "A tower of evil amidst the sea of Doxa(lies)"
 Though the original disc booklet includes a kanji-written text, at the moment I (the translator) couldn't make out a single word in the song itself, as well as how the text written is connected to the words sang. Nevertheless, down the page are kanji, romaji and rough translation of the booklet-written version. If anyone has an idea regarding their connection – please pm me (admin), or post something about it in the forum.

Update: The text in the booklet isn't much connected to the lyrics sang. Accroding to Hatis-san, while recording they had a book, 「星の神話」, (hoshi no shinwa, Myth about the Star(s)) from they practically just read out favourite star and constellation names, and the image of 「悪樓」(akurou) was taken from there, too. Sadly, Hatis-san can't remember particular lyrics, and told me that no notes are left from the time of recording. If sometime this I or someone with intention to translate could get ahold of this book, we could finally try to understand the lyrics sang...


私の 目と 耳と、手足を奪った
臆見 で満ちたこの暗闇
弱き 心の海が生む悪樓


Sono mamono wa
Watashi no me to mimi to, teashi o ubatta
Nanimo miezu subete kara toozakari
Watashi wa nokosareta oboro no kioku no naka de ikita
Dokusa de michita kono kuraiyami
Hi, kono yami wa watashi no kokoro ga yon da no da
Yowaki kokoro no umi ga umu akurou
akurou wa honshitsu o kurai
Amai dokusa no yume o misaseru

Rough translation:


This evil entity

Has taken away my arms, my legs, my eyes and ears

I can't see anymore, distance myself from everything

I was living in a clouded memory left behind.


Darkness filled with lies

No, this darkness calls my heart.

An epitome of evil, born by a sea of weak hearts

This evil devours my very essence

And shows me dreams woven of sweet lies.


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