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Il y a - booklet intro
Original (kanji)


失われた"僕” 自身を探す旅へ。
深淵 の闇を纏った君を見る。
僕は何を 悟っているつもりなのだろう?

"il y a”?



Romaji (if anybody is interested)

Kono me o tojireba
Boku to sekai to no kankei owaru
Me no mae no sekai kietenakunaru.
Me no mae no rakuen kietenakunaru.
Sukui ni nita sekai de, boku wa nai datta.
Sore wa, sukui de wa nakatta.
Ushinawareta boku jishin o sagasu tabi e.
Tojita, sekai no mukou soba ni
Saigo no hikari ga mieta kigashita
Ima, boku wa hikari ga miru.
Boku no me wa rakuen o koete,
Boku no me wa hakugoku o koete.
Ima boku wa
Shin’en no yami o matotta kimi o miru.
Me o tojite mo sekai wa nakunaranai.
Honto wa shitteita no ka mo shirenai.
Boku wa nani o satotteiru tsumori na no darou?
Boku wa dore dake no koto o wakatteiru tsumori na no darou?

"il y a”?

a-a, kimi yo.
Sonzai o.

Kimi no, sono kurayami de
Boku no mutyumu o hikisaite…
Kimi no, sono hontou no hikari de
Boku no mutyumu o zutazuta ni hikisaite

Rough translation:

I close my eyes
And the connection between me and this world fades away.
The world before my eyes disappears.
The paradise before my eyes disappears.
In the world which seems like salvation, I'm not present.
There is no salvation in that.
I set out to search for the lost "Me".
Eyes shut, close to where world used to be
Last rays of light seem to flicker
Now, I see it clearly.
My eyes go beyond the paradise
beyond the white prison.
And now I see you immersed into darkness of the abyss.
"Even with eyes closed, the world never disappears"
Perhaps I knew the truth all along.
What did I want to see?
And exactly what was hoping to understand?
"There is"?
Ah, you.
In that darkness
My dream within a dream you tear apart
With the light of you truth
My dream within a dream you tear to pieces.
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