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Raison d'être

Raison d'être – French "Reason to be”
Japanese - いく度も繰り返されて、言葉は少しずつ意味を失い、言葉のもたらす痛みも和らぐ (iku tabi mo kurikaesarete, kotoba wa sukoshi zutsu imi wo ushinai, kotoba no mo tarasu itami mo yawaragu) - "Repeated over and over the words gradually lose their meaning, and the pain they brought slowly fades away"
Note: The text is hard to catch because of the whisper and the simultaneous pronouncement of all the three lines, but, judging by some standalone words, the text is correct.


眼を 閉じると, 眼の前の全て闇に飲み込まれた
ふと僕は、もう既に救われて いる ような気がした


Me o tojiru to, me no mae no subete yami ni nomikomareta
Futo boku wa mou sude ni sukuwareteiru youna kigashita
Watashitachi wa saiwai de aru

Rough translation:

I close my eyes and everything before them fills with darkness

Suddenly I seem to feel that I am rescued

And we're happy.

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