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Japanese - 祈り (inori), which means the same
Note: I dare not to try and make out what the whispering voices and singing in the middle of the song are saying. Either it is not included in the booklet or they speak the same words. Anyone having plausible guesses can either pm me (admin) or post in the forum. 


既に貴方はどこ まで も他者だ
重ならない起源、重ならない 起源
救いのー 歩手前
祈りは、決して 叶う事がないという形


Kono te wa, kimi ni wa toutatsu shinai
Watashi ga watashi de aru toki, sono toki ni
Sude ni kimi wa doko ma de mo tasha da
Kasanaranai kigen kasanaranai keshiki
Ihoujin yo
Watashi wa kakujitsu ni kimi de wa nai
Kono te wa, kimi ni wa toutatsu shinai
Watashi no te wa
Kimi o, tsugi no kimi o motome tsuduke
Kurikaesarete, kanata o katsubou suru
Tsune ni sore wa
Watashi ga watashi o, watashi ga kimi o naizai suru
Sukui no butemae
Kodoku wa tsune ni Kanata o katsubou suru
inori wa tsune ni Kanata o katsubou suru
Inori wa, kesshite kanau koto ga nai to iu katachi
Watashi o, tashika ni sonzai saseru
a-a, inori to wa
Watashi jishin datta no da.

Rough translation:

These hand cannot reach you

And even in the times when I was still myself, you were another person

Another kind, another look

An outlander.

I am definitely not you.

These hands cannot reach you.

My hands keep pleading you

And all the ones you will ever be

Ever telling how I wish to be there

In that brink of salvation, where you and I will be.

But loneliness also strives to be there

And the prayer does.

The prayer is only an illusion, which will never come true, but which gives me a reason to exist.

This prayer

Only I do give.


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